Sending clients secure proofs of designs


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Not sure if this is the correct section for posting this so please move it if need be.

I wondered if there is any kind of system that any of you use for sending your clients proofs that are secure, and what i mean by this is that the design can't be altered or used in any way and viewed only.

I currently send pdfs and apply a watermark and a password in acrobat professional. This means that they can't open and edit the artwork unless they have the password but only view it in a pdf reader, and if they screenshot the work it has the watermark on it. But as some of you know these pdfs can have the password cracked.

So without having to save my work as jpgs and increasing file size, but still have a quality that is still good to view, is there any kind of online system where you can upload a pdf to be viewed online as a jpg and have a watermark?

Hope i've made sense. Just so you know that I offer people flyers, business cards printed and the price includes design but they do not get hi-res artwork files as part of the prices as my prices do not reflect this. Plus also even if it did include this if a client makes changes and ends up getting you to do a few variations of a design and they managed to crack the pdfs that means they have only paid you for one design but have access to two, if you know what i mean. Im just trying to protect my business.

thanks hopefully someone can help and know what im talking about.
when you say flatten, what do you mean by that? i don't give any proofs with bleed or that anyway.

i want something that can be achieved in not too many steps so it doesn't add lots of extra time
we send as pdf, password the file, you have settings to allow what can be done with the file ie editing, printing etc, we let them view at low res but no editing or printing without password.