Selling CAD Laptop Workstation (MSI WT70-2OL-2087UK)


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I bought a very high end CAD Laptop Workstation for trying freelance work last February (when I was made redundant) but after one month of freelance work decided freelance was not fro me and went back to full time employment, so it has hardly been used. Its one year old and has another two years Reseller Warranty that follow on from the Manufacturers Warranty. Its immaculate and the packaging has been stored in the loft since the day I bought it. I also purchased a decent laptop bag for it, a kensington lock and a decent Logitech wireless Perfomance MX mouse all which I will throw in.

Model is MSI WT70-20L-2087UK. I purchased it from last February at over £2500 so its a serious bit of kit. If you want to look at the specification more closely here is MSI's link. I did a quick search and it still sells for £2500 new at various UK resellers.

I'm open to (sensible offers). Message me if interested.