Selling a MacBook Pro on eBay


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I need a bit of advice. I have a year old MacBook Pro which has had a drink spilled on it and needs a new logic board and keyboard. I’ve stuck it on eBay for Parts/Spares but I haven’t used eBay for years. Almost immediately after putting it on I’ve had three people make me offers, one of whom has even said he’ll come and collect it today. Is this dodgy? Should I just let it run its course on eBay and pay the sellers fees?

Here’s a shameless link to the item anyway:

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Well if they are coming to collect with a cash payment then there's nothing dodgy there, just depends if you are happy with the price they are offering. Failing that let it run its course as you have already had a bid for £250 by the looks of it....
One of the offers was for £360 which is pretty much what I was aiming for after eBay’s fees.


Although I am in the process of wiping its hard disk on the most secure setting and it’s estimating 5 1/2 days to completion!
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Maybe take it then if you don't think it will go any higher, write him a sold as seen receipt and ensure they pay cash today, then end the listing on ebay.

Although I am in the process of wiping its hard disk on the most secure setting and it’s estimating 5 1/2 days to completion!

EDIT: Maybe collect the end of the week then lol, personally I would probably just let it run and take a paypal payment prior to collection.
It's probably just people who are eager to get a good deal. If they offer you a cash price and you take it, it means they get the item sooner and don't have to compete with other people who could potentially bump the price up.

I've sold a guitar this way and didn't get ripped of. Just make sure the cash is legit when they hand it over :icon_smile:
Advantage of selling outide ebay is no fees!! I sold my MBP on ebay not too long ago and was pleased with the £650 I got for it but by the time ebay & paypal had taken their cut I was left with £580!

Disadvantage of selling outside ebay is that if ebay find out they'll ban you. Oh and it's potentially very unsafe. Dont let them to come round your house to buy! They may well be genuine buyers or they may be looking for somewhere to rob and if 3 blokes suddenly appear in your front room sporting baseball bats youre not going to be able to stop them! Arrange to meet in an open place with people around (cafe, coffee shop, bar) so if something goes tits up youve got possible help. Plus most public places now have CCTV so if something does go sour and you endup with no cash and no laptop, the police will have a starting point.