Self branding creative block - Logo wanted, design work offered


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As some of you good people may have read, im having a serious creative block with my new businesses branding. As my freelancing logo didnt really have any visual ref I designed that no prob. As there is so much riding on this, im drawing a blank and think I need to be an outsider looking in. < Thats the thread with all the info and designs ive done.

If anyone can design me a logo (non tacky, general design agency cleanliness) can repay through any aspect of design work.

I think s/he was offering a design in return so I pressume if you had a logo job etc. they would do that if you do their logo - although could have read it wrong
Hello again. I hope you get an offer of a swap cos self-logoing is the hardest task in the world! If you do start to try and work up ideas yourself, I would agree (from the previous thread) that using a cow may be a bit tacky but what if you think just a little further outside of the bottle :)icon_smile:) - I was thinking maybe you could explore a cow pattern or a bottle lid. Just a couple of very quick ideas that came to me but may fire some inspiration.......

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