Selecting paths using the cursor after Live Trace?


I'm playing around with live trace, and I get the basic idea of it. Live Trace > Preview > Trace > expand etc...

I'm still somewhat confused about how to change the colours though, ie. all paths of the same colour at once. I don't understand how the live colour pop-up window works it's very confusing.

Anyway, before I try to wrap my head around that I have a simple question- How do I easily select individual paths for editing? If I try to select an individual path just by clicking on that path with the cursor it goes ahead and selects ALL the paths! The only way I can see to select individual paths is by clicking on them in the layers window, and with more complex live traces there can hundreds of paths which makes it extremely difficult to find the right one.

Is there an easier way to do this, anyone?:icon_confused:
That's the one! Thanks. I'm sure i worked that out before and forgot..

Can you maybe point me in the direction of a web site that explains the colour window so that I can peruse it?

I used to know a guy called Paul Murray in Manchester by the way.