Seeking sign design advice


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Firstly, before I start I don't claim to be a graphic designer, more someone who has an eye for digital graphics through being heavily involved with web design agencies. My position is such now that I'm in a small family business leading up flyers and graphic design for promotions.

We have a purchased a 6'x4' lightbox for use on the wall outside our shop and I'm looking to design the print that will be placed inside the box. Having not done it before I was looking for some advice.

Our logo is red on white I was looking to switch it white on red so to minimise the white background of the lightbox - do you think there would be any advantages in doing this?
I'd personally leave it as it is for 2 reasons:

1. It's your logo, switching colours around may ruin the uniform look and feel of the company.

2. In my experience red works better on a white background than the other way round as red is a very overpowering colour.
If you post an image of the logo, that might help to see whether the more red approach would work I think.