Second Logo I ever designed


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Below is the logo for Parent Action for Healthy Kids.

The client had an old logo from the turn of the millennium and was looking to update her website, logo, brand colors while retaining the same message.

"Its not about how we get them (children, teachers and families) invovled, it's how we let them be apart of the work. (positive energy, emotions, understanding eachother, learning from eachother and social problem solving)"

The client creates seminars, and speaking engagements for families who are struggling with communication, stress, sexual maturity, relationships. The brand is an extension of the existing brand under her umbrella: 'Talk Early Talk Often' that logo wasnt able to be redone.

The logo, brand colors, website, motion graphics and social media imagery are all based around this logo. My thoughts on the mark, 'The logo is slightly off kilter and not even. We all arent perfect and we work with what we have but it represents an overall strong foundation keeping us together'

Screenshot_20200402-130040_Samsung Internet.jpgWhat are your thoughts and feedback?