Second interview inhouse Studio - Scamps and Design Work


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Hey folks,

Ive bagged myself a second interview at N2O in windsor, a two day interview inhouse where i'll be set a brief and have to create scamps and possibly a final product (i have been given the brief yet so...)

basicaly i'm asking you folks for any scamps tips that will help me set myself from the rest. I have experience in sketchbook work and ideas from my fine art uni days but I wanna know if there are any designer tips that will help me; take my own pens, sketchbook, etc?

Any responses appreciated.

Cheers Big Ears!


Keep it really simple. Just use single black line work so it communicates the idea. Don't worry about typeface specifics at the scamp stage. What I tend to do is sketch it out then trace over it to simplify the lines and clean it all up. Google marker rendering techniques and you'll see the kind of thing. Seymour Powell the industrial designers did a good book about it.

The main thing is, people need to understand the idea you're trying to put across, and the rough scamp can either help or hinder that.

In terms of equipment, they should have layout pads and black markers. I've never been to an agency that didn't. But if you're worried and want to take your own, that's what you need. An A4 or A3 marker layout pad and two thicknesses of black pen.