Screenshot of your Desktop!


Oh goodness, mine changes constantly. One minute it'll be some of my own artwork, the next a picture a friend made, or a funny photo of a pug. At the moment, the computer wallpaper I did for my Mum.

Oh and yeah, I still use Vista. Figured I'd say it before someone else did :lol:

Matt Harle

As it happens, I de-cluttered my desktop last night, so it's nice and tidy!



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no point showing a pretty much 'stock' win 7 with the start bar at the top... pretty sure it's in the old thread anyways (yes there is an old thread in off topic chat :))
but I will add my current choices of background which randomly change... well I would attach but it's broken so off to imageshack - click to enlarge :)

edit: for reference, the anime they're influenced by or from
1-3 - black rock shooter
4 - ergo proxy
5- fate stay night
6-7 - guilty crown
8 - shakugan no shana
9 - rozen maiden
10 - bleach


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This thread made me realise how long I'd had the same wallpapers so off I went on a hunt for some new ones :)
Came up with these from a PIXIV artist called GIA... the technique is moefication that stems from moe anime characters and in my opinion the quality of the work is better than some anime work which is getting put out there these days!!.
The designs remind me of anime like infinite stratos, strike witches, sky girls and busou shinki
Part 1.


Tony Hardy

Hahaha, that is boring, but I can imagine it to be extremely useful!


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what are you saying, you don't know them sizes off the top of your head.....
[color=#f0f8ff;]I actually have apps on my nexus 7 for this [/color]