Screen printing help please - curing ink on card


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Hello everyone

I'm new to the forum and hoping to start a stationery business (cards, notelets, calenders etc...) and to screen print everything and hoping that somebody could help please?

I have everything that I need except for curing equipment as I need help with that bit.

I will be printing (max. 2 colours) onto A3 sheets of card that are either 270gsm or 350gsm which will then be cut into 8 x A6 cards.

How can I fully cure the ink (waterbased) so that when I'm packing and sending a stack of A6 cards to customers, the ink wont rub onto the card that is behind it? I'd like the ink to be 100% cured so that no ink can rub off onto any other card.

I was told that my heat gun could touch dry it but that it may be too hot for card and that I may have to air dry it. If that is the case, how long would the sheets need to be air-dried for?

I've been looking at heat presses and flash dryers but not sure if they'll be too hot for card.

What ink are you using specifically?

Yes, you cure with heat. The best method is using a flash dryer: