San Disk USB Stick issue - File too big???


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Hi all,

I have a problem getting a large file onto my USB.

I have a 30GB San Disk USB stick that has over 20GB free space left on it. I've got a video file that is about 4.42GB (if I remember correctly) that I am trying to put onto the USB, but when I drag and drop it on, it says: 'File is too large for destination file system.' I am left scratching my head as to why? There is more than enough room for it. The largest file that has gone on there without a problem was just under 4GB. It was some reason it is just rejecting thing one in particular. I have even tried to save it to a DVD and the same thing happens?!

Anyone got any ideas?

Thank you.
I can't edit my post to correct my error. Second to last sentence was meant to say 'For some reason it is just rejecting this one in particular'

P.S. I have always found this to be one of the most frustrating messages ever!



Thanks :icon_smile:
Ah yes, rings a bell. I think I had a similar problem with my external hard drive. Thanks a lot Dave!
Only problem is I am hesitant to format it as it is a 'special' USB stick. It has a secret password protected safe that locks away and hides data that is on it. So it looks like the USB stick is empty, but really it could be full of data. I'm concerned that by formatting, it may delete this 'feature' and turn it into a standard USB, which is what it really is, but I think you get my drift.

I might just try and lower the file by half a Gig, might be easier all round.