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Hi All,

I just launched a brand new site,, and would love to get some feedback.

1. Would you use it?
2. What do you think of the design?
3. Any suggestions on how to make it better?


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Who reviews the concepts? Professionals or anybody signed up?

Until the site is launched I cannot comment really as there is only a homepage to look at, looks promising though.
Looks like it has excellent potential at the moment.

Yes if it was free then I probably would but I'd have to see some evidence of results if I was going to pay - maybe a free trial for a certain number of concept submissions?

Just personal preference but I think that shade of blue could do to be a bit brighter.

One thing I would ask, is what is stopping people from taking these submissions, will you put a watermark on them?

Good luck sounds promising :icon_thumbup:
Thanks for the feedback! Anybody can register at this point, although it will be targeted at professionals and freelancers. Also, there is no real way to prevent people from taking submissions, but that is true anywhere, someone could "copy" an idea from a website, advertisement, or any published piece just as easily. Now I just need to get people comfortable making submissions :)
I really like the idea (one of those I wish I had thought of that moments! haha). I would deffinatly use it, if it was free but if I had to pay then I would just use this forum instead. I have signed up for your sight as I really love to look at others designers work and from a freelance point of view (being insular to a point) I think it is really good...

I can not wait to see how it all works.
Who reviews the concepts?

The same people that are posting concepts. Ideally professionals - marketers, designers, developers, and freelancers. Users will be able to rank reviews and build a "quality score" to help value feedback. Eventually, I hope to offer reviews from certified professionals and target markets - but this is the free "community" version for now.