Restaurant Brand Identity Critiques


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I would love to get critiques on my brand identity for a mock Yemenite restaurant. Thanks!SC.pngScreenshot 2021-03-13 190720-min.pngBoxSmall.pngCardSmall.png


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I’m assuming the Arabic script means something to Zemenese people? As does the cloth design.

Other than that, most of the products look disposable. Which means they could be spending a lot of money on items that go in the bin. We got a takeaway from an expensive restaurant on Friday. We only do this on special occasions (be cause it’s expensive). They use plain containers and no branding. In fact I can’t recall ever getting a takeaway with branding other than a pizza box.


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Well it's a mock, so nothing is real.
I can't read most of it. L cannot tell even if the font choice his good.

Overall it's a brand identity but without context it's difficult to critique

@fisicx has a point though. My local takeaways have no branding. Just a menu in their shop. They don't even have a menu to take, they have literally taken a photo of a menu and put it on Facebook.

And they don't care.


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I'm going to be honest the pattern looks 'African' to me. Now I'll admit I'm not familar with the yemenite culture, so it could be entirely accurate, but I doubt many others would be either so it's more about the 'vibe' it gives off when you look at it.

Personally I think the choice of font for the 'english' text is too thin, you'd struggle to read it from a distance and at least in the case of the bag it stops any potential 'advertising' you might get from it etc.