Resize posters for print in Illustrator


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I'm new to this forum and illustrator/photoshop etc.
I have created some poster designs in illustrator (over 200 different designs) I created them all using a template for bleeds and safe zones etc for printing currently at Size A0 = bleed. I was wondering if there is a way to "batch" process my designs to different print sizes e.g A1, A2, A3 and A4. Each poster contains a background colour, text and a traced graphic. I have tried creating an action but the properties I enter to scale down the image don't change and the result is often very distorted from the original.
Please bear in mind I am a novice when it comes to illustrator so please keep could you keep any jargon to a minimum.
I would really appreciate any help/advice you could give that would save me having to alter each poster individually.
I am currently using Illustrator CS6 but do have Illustrator CC 2019 at my disposal (at work) should it make any different to the way I can process this predicament.
Thanks again.



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Printers can scale them down to any A size you need. Just ask them.

Bear in mind that going from A0 with say a type size of 24 pt - it would tiny on A5 - probably not legible. So batch processing things like this might cause issues with small lines of type, or indeed fine details.


Hi Stev,
For getting different print sizes ask the printers to do the same.
If you yourself try to enter the properties to scale down the image may distort the result.
So don't go for the processes that may cause issues afterwards.