Research: Bands and Designer's experiences


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Hi, thanks for checking this thread out. I'm Adam and I'm gathering some research on the experiences of bands finding artists and getting work done, and also from the perspective of artists finding work from bands and their experiences of working with them.

The purpose of this research is to create a concept for an app or service that connects bands and artists/designers/video producers etc with bands and record labels and create jobs, much like this website is designed for. I myself am an artist and musician, so this is something personal to me and something I'm passionate about.

If any bands or musicians would be kind enough to share their experiences with me (ie: how did you find an artist, was the work done on time, where there any communication problems, how much did it cost), I would be deeply, deeply grateful! And the same applies for designers if you would be willing to help (ie: did the band communicate their ideas well, did hearing their music help, did you have a 'deign contract' in place)

Thank you for even just reading this, regardless of whether you don't want to/cannot contribute. Much appreciated! -Adam
You might want to email Kate Moross (katemoross). I saw a talk by her years ago when I was a student which was actually on the subject of designing for the music industry, and she had some very negative stories about working for record companies (I believe she now owns her own label).

She might be busy, but I've spoken to her in the past and she's really lovely and approachable so it's worth a shot.
Designing for the Music Industry is one of the most exhilarating, stressful, and satisfying things you could ever do. Feel free to DM me with any questions you may have!