Report design questions


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I have been given a report to design. It's 170 pages. How long will it take generally take to design a 170 pages report on indesign. How should this be calculated? And hour a page?


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It depends.

A basic text page - 4 pages in 1 hour
basic text page with images - 4 pages in 1 hour
text page with tables/charts/diagrams - 2 pages in 1 hour
text pages with tables/charts/diagrams/images - 1 page in 1 hour.

You would need to go through each page of the supplied document and determine how many tables/images/charts/diagrams etc.

It could take anywhere from 41.25 hours to 170 hours.

Technically you can say it will take 41.25 hours to design the pages and text reports.
Then you can say it will take 25 minutes per table
Charts diagrams - 30 minutes each (simple) 60 minutes (hard)

Just need to break it down for yourself into chunks.


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Of course, timings depend on how quick and how experienced you are. These days I can produce a book in half the time I used to. When it comes to book design, they are usually priced at a page rate. Not so good if you are slow. Great if you are fast. My hourly rate and my page rate usually work out fails similar when the final cost is calculated. When you are inexperienced, this still usually holds true as well, in that your hourly rate is usually less, so if the same page rate takes you longer, due to inexperience, then it probably still corresponds to fairly well to your hourly rate.