Removing 301 Permanent Redirects


Hi people,

Is anyone able to shed light please? The web hosting that I have is for my main website. It also has a permanent re-direct to my new .com website which is on a cpanel account.

I want to remove the main website as its no longer needed but want to keep the .com website. I also have other websites on the cpanel account which I want to keep.

Can you advise the best way to go about this? I was told that removing a 301 redirect could cause the .com website to not appear but I no longer want the 2 website linked. Not sure how to tackle this.

Any feedback is much appreciated


New Member
The only thing that will happen when you remove the rediretct is that no redirection will take place when someone tries to access the site.
So, if look for the site you'll have a not found error.
But if you go to the .com site it will be there.
Almost every site out there doesn't have a redirect to it and they are there. Removing redirects never make the site disappear