Recommendations regarding PRINTING COMPANIES based in LONDON.


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Hi all,

My name is Gosia and I am a postgraduate student of a graphic design course at LCC.

A very important part of my Final Major Project which I am currently working on, is about personal experiences and recommendations
in regards to printing companies based in London.

I don’t have much experience myself that’s why I am hoping that I would be able to get some support from more experienced colleagues such you guys.

Could you tell me please:

- What is your favourite printing company/companies based in London? Why are they special to you?(do they offer any services that no one else offers?,
or maybe is it because quick turnover, quality of work, value for money i.e.)

-Is there any printing company/companies you had an especially negative experience with(why)?

It would be really helpful if you could describe any interesting experience with a printing company in few sentences(if you have one)
whether it was positive or negative, funny or irritating.

Every opinion is very valuable for me and I will be grateful for each single reply. Without recommendations I am not able to move on with my project. So please please reply.

Thanks in advance.

hi, well.. we are not based in London, but we run a student print service in Nottingham. We do a lot of high quality large format printing starting from A3 size. Let me know if this is you your interest. I do have a few experience with some london based printshops. Usually they are very expensive due to the location, also with student works, it is not worth going for industrial printers as it usually involves a minimum order and needs to be ordered in large quantity (whereas students are more for one off prints)

It depends on what size and quantity you are looking for. Then whether there are any specific requirements, such as laminated, embosses, etc. Then choose your print company accordingly.

We have a number of students from London doing graphics design, and we usually post the works out the next day.

As general recommendations, make sure the type of service the shop offer matches exactly what you are looking for, and not adjusting your work to fit the printer.