Recession calls for more study?


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Hey guys

So I've been looking for a job since the beginning of the year and have still not been able to lock one down. Can anyone advice on whether I should continue looking or maybe its time to do a course to help further my skills? How about a masters in Graphic Design?

I am a freelancer but finding it difficult to keep chasing work and would really like to get into a full-time position for a couple of years at the very least. Any advice would be appreciated.
Hi Shazi

Tricky, the job market for graphic designers seems to have picked up ever so slightly and competition on the freelance front is huge. So I'd say that if you can afford it and you enjoy it maybe the Masters is the way forward.

Not sure that's helped you much, I just know that when I started out freelancing that it takes time to build up the word of mouth so unless you have a decent marketing budget or can speed up time its very tricky...
Most of the successful freelancers I know, myself included, did it after working full time in the same area so that people already knew them. And I personally learned a lot from working with more experienced people. I know that's not a lot of help, but I think you should continue trying to find a job.