Receiving artwork for print...?? how??


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How do people receive artwork?

If you read my recent posts in starting up a local community newsletter which is quickly becoming more of a magazine as i have now got contact/information coming from local authorities etc etc so my simple design would now be to small for what the local community is needing/wanting.

As well as forging some good links and connections within the community and government i have also been approached by a freelance salesman to help sell some advertising space and editorial space to people.

Prob i have is how would i receive this information. Ideally i would like to get everything via email but i would require all the text, images, size and layout idea from the sales person. Whats the best way of doing this?? is there a online or software package to help with this?? I'd hate to get small scale pics sent to me or just links to google images etc, or poor images scanned from other photographs etc etc.

Any help or ideas would be great....

Know there must be a way as newspapers these days all seem to get artwork set in India rather than locally or inhouse... so must be a way.
First of all, I've got to ask why you're going into a market that's already heavily saturated? Local advertising in a printed format is a dying business because the way people search for information has changed dramatically over recent years. I work as a designer for a company who do exactly this kind of thing so can see first hand how rapid the decline in sales has been.

Secondly, Why do you want a salesman to tell you how to design an advert? That's like asking a plumber how to tarmac a drive!! If you're not a designer, employ one, if you are a designer, supply your sales team with a list of vital questions (ie, company colours, logos etc...) then design the advert from there. Avoid a salesman's opinions on how something should look because they know diddly squat and tbh the customer doesn't know much more either! Design departments (either locally, in house or in India) work from copy forms as described above.
We do a fair bit of work in this field too.
Generally, the designer would receive the finished adverts or the logos and pictures, etc., by email. They would then import them into the layout.You can set up upload areas on a website or an FTP site if the emails give problems.

Although it's a fairly saturated market, there's still a good demand for this kind of thing. Selling advertising is a fairly daunting prospect so a salesperson could do all the legwork for a commission. Seems fairly straightforward. We deal with a couple of marketing companies who offer to print brochures for hotels, golf clubs, marinas, etc., for free. They sell the advertising and produce the brochure for less than the cost of the advertising.

In saying all this, it seems that you need to speak to some professionals in this field. It's not a project to be jumping into with your eyes closed :icon_biggrin: