Re-saving / editing an illustrator file


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Good morning

I am new to this forum so please go easy on me.
I work in the IT department and we have a mac user using illustrator.
Last week a problem has occured with illustrator whereby creating a new file and then saving is fine, not a problem.
However if that file needs editing /amending then its resaved as the original the file somehow kinda corrupts its chops graphics off
margins everywhere and so on.

This file can be reopened in illustrator and it looks fine, if we save it as a brand new file its fine, its just when its resaved to the
original file.

We were using cs5, i upgraded this to 5.5 and the problem went away for a day. However the problem has come back again.

Nothing has changed on the mac ie installed / reinstall etc aside from the upgrade i did.

Any help would be greatfully recieved.

Hello. If you can save it as a new file and that opens and saves perfectly then can you not just overwrite the existing file?
(Or zip it and archive it as well.)
i dont think i fully understand you. Basically we work in a graphics design company, customers get the first proof, if this needs amending in anyway we open the orignal edit it and then re save to the original (overwriting the original) this is where the problem comes in.

Now yes we could save as revisions ie proof1 if it needs amending then it would be saved proof2 for example which would solve the problem as this is saving a new file and not overwriting the original. but as it stands we just oversave the orignal thus have this current problem.
Ok, so what if your save the opened, untouched file as 'vs1' (which will create a new file and leave the original as it is) and then rename 'vs1' back to the name of the original? This would give you a clean file that you can open and save without the previous problem.
It would seem that there is some glitch with saving/re-opening the original file which is overcome by 'saving as' something else.

Or have I misunderstood?