Re introducting myself!

Hey everyone,

Having not posted on GDF for a good year now, I think i should re introduce myself to the newish members :)

Names Pete, run a print brokering site and now a Canvas Printing company. Studying Business in Edinburgh, with 2 years to go :).

Print brokering: not bad but its never really 'taken off.. I have the odd client every now and then but nothing to phone home about.

Canvas Printing: This is where i am spending 99% of my time at present, having set up office close by and spend a few £ on a new HP Z2100, along with a few other bits and bobs, i am now selling prints faster than a can make 'em. To be fair, i am selling through the new 'group buying' websites, ie living social, ITISON, KGB deals. However still making plenty to keep it going and now having the marketing list and over 1500 happy customers, its almost time to turn them into full paying clients once this group buying stuff dies a death.

I have limited experience in web design, but its something which i do really enjoy so hope to continue developing my skills.

Always happy to help, will hopefully be on GDF much more often.