RE: Buying Advice: Graphics Tablets. (A5 or A6)


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I am new to web designing (4 months) and I have got enough experience with Photoshop, Fireworks, Illustrator to feel comfortable buying my first graphics tablet.

I am on a limited budget.

I can (just) about purchase the Intuos S4 A6 graphics tablet

But I am worried about the size of the active area. I realise that A6 is smaller than A5. But is it too small to work with?

If it is I can get the Bamboo Fun A5 instead (I realise this doesn't come with additional nibs and only has 512 Pressure levels against the 2048 of the Intuos, although I probably won't miss them at this stage of my game)

If anyone can help I would be most appreciative. Oh, and I am new here and so this may be in the wrong section, but I am glad I found this place, seems perfect for me, so "Hello".
I have a wacom graphire3 A6 and find it suits most jobs I need it for.

i'd only go for the larger sizes if you intend on doing lots of freehand illustration in the likes of Painter.

If your budget is really limited then get the A6. if your not desperate for one then save up for a bit longer to get the A5.
Agree, go for an intuos if you can, although the bamboo is very good if you don't need to do digital painting.
I think its a bit late (the original Q was asked a while ago...) but here's my advice:

I've had an A5 Wacom Graphire for a looong time and find that size to be perfect - not too large it becomes anoying having to move my hand/arm around and not too small that I feel cramped. I also have an A6 Graphire (Saphire?) which is fine for short usage, but as implied above, feels cramped after a while...

Just before I changed jobs I also used an A5 Wide Intuose 4 - all I can say about that is it's lovely and I'm anoyed my Gaphire can't 'grow up' into one hehe

I guess I'm trying to say, if you think you will be using it a lot, consider the A5 - you'll notice the difference when using it with larger monitors.

The budget versions will likely be 'OK' but probably won't last as long. Wacoms last a looong time. If you want a budget option, there's a reasonable one mentioned in the current issue of .net magazine for about £80 ish which looked ok and was A5. Can't remember other details though, sorry :(

Anyways, good luck ;)