Rage against the x-factor

Just heard on the radio that RATM are leading with 10k at the mo, and now the actual band are backing the campaign. But the boy who won the popularity contest has his cd released tomorrow.
Shame, because he's just another grain of rice in a curry, much like all of the others.


Regardless of whether Sony wins...I'd be happy to see someone I recognise in the charts. Check out previous years:

2005 Shayne Ward "That's My Goal"
2006 Leona Lewis "A Moment Like This"
2007 Leon Jackson "When You Believe"
2008 Alexandra Burke "Hallelujah"

Who the hell are these people? Meaningless names to me! Year after year of another x-factor winner? No thanks! Bring back Mr Blobby and Bob the Builder at least! A bit of fun and variety!
Thank you oh thank you need4bleed… you just made my day a hell of a lot brighter with the ' he's just another grain of rice in a curry' line. Blinding!:icon_notworthy:
Yep, that about sums it up. I'd be happier if we had CHRISTMAS songs at number one at christmas. MAybe next year someone will start a campaing for Frankie Goes to Hollywood or something.


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Been much talk about this in office! A good 80% have bought it :) Personally i think it's got no chance at all. But hey we can hope!! :icon_smile: