Quotes for Logo Design


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Hi Everyone,

I am looking for a few quotes on a logo design for my new website, GTX Technology.

GTX Technology solely focuses on developing open source applications and software, which are released free to the public under the GPL. One of our current projects for example, is Trinity. Trinity is a free open source FPS game (http://trinity.gtxstudios.com).

GTX Technology plans to offer affordable web hosting to the public, from which the proceeds will go into funding further development of our free applications/developments.

So, logo wise. We're looking for something with a very smooth Web 2.0 look and feel, that would not look out of place on this template: http://dotnet.gtxtechnology.com - The L00Pback logo would be replaced with this new logo.

Please could you PM me your quotes etc, but please remember.. We are an open source group, and earn little in the way of cash.

Kind Regards,

Dave :)
Hi I'm Dan, I'm a freelance creative designer specialising in everything from identity and corporate branding to product design and packaging. I've sent you a PM. In the meantime feel free to check my website out at FriesWithThat.co.uk. I am currently updating and redesigning my site. If you follow the facebook or twitter links on the current website you can see my new branding.