Question about Freelancing

Hello all,

Just looking for a bit of advise.

If someone books you for two weeks (10 working days ) and then ends up only needing you for 9 days - what do you do about the 10th day when you invoice them?

Note that I've bought a weeks season ticket to travel there and also blocked my self from taking other work for that last day.

Advice much appreciated.
Obvious question is do you have a contract? If not I think you are probably stuffed for the last day. You should be able to claim the season ticket anyway because it would still be 'cheaper' than buying individual tickets. maybe speak to the client and make them aware that the full invoice amount stands - at least open a discussion with them.
Thanks for your reply

No contract but I do have it in writing that they wanted me for the 10days and I did sent a order confirmation stating those days.

Yes the season ticket is still cheaper than individual days. When you say claim the season ticket, who from? Please expand on this.

When you say make them aware the full invoice amount still stands, so your saying invoice for the full 10 days and see what they come back with?

I mean put the ticket in with your Year End accounts as a justifiable business expense.

Speak to the client and say that you will still have to invoice for the full amount, at least then if they are going to get arsey you can work out a solution beforehand rather than possibly creating a situation that could hold up payment.
I'd invoice; as you say, you've made arrangements to be available for the full ten-day period at their request and confirmed this with a purchase order. As a goodwill gesture, you may want to offer to do other stuff unrelated to the job you were brought in for the final day or perhaps hold a day's work on account for them for a limited period should any further need arise but you should be paid.
Thanks for getting back to me. Its helped highlight a clause I need to add to the t's and c's on my purchase orders and invoices.

Luckily in the end they asked me to come in the final day anyways!