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Quark or InDesign?

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I have Quark on my system to convert old Quark documents to Indesign so that I can work on them - haven't used Quark from scratch for a while now, so guess I sold my soul to Adobe. There are still quite a few companies that use Quark out there though.
We spent a few bucks to get the Markzware Q2Id plug in, worth every penny as i haven't opened Qxp for nearly 18 months (just opened it now to see when the last file was opened and boy did the opperating space look cold and forbidding)
Old Skool

We used both in the studio.

It used to be that I worked on Quark for speed, as I'm 'Old Skool' and it used to be the 'Weapon of Choice' in the industry in times past, but now I am just as fast with InDesign.

The guys here have different opinions. I love InDesign and use it the most, but there is a special place in my heart for Quark.

So I think my category is 'None of the Above', I'm afraid.

And I use Quark shortcuts in InDesign, which is just twisted… :icon_Wall:
Quark is the spawn of satan and should be banned....at least that's what i tell Matt!

I used to use Quark before InDesign came along but i just find it infuriatingly un-intuitive compared to indesign.

The list of things that annoy me about quark is too long to list here but here's one for starters...the colour pallette....grrrrr!!!! :icon_Wall:
I use both, swings and roundabouts and all that.
At my old firm my boss used to do everything in Illustrator, though that was mainly him lacking the skills to use either QX or ID. Mind you, this is the man who starts colour profiling at the printer, checks output colours under pink fluorescent lighting in an area where the walls are painted bright yellow, has never calibrated his display on his mac, and insisted that all artwork be supplied in pantone colours. Bob pope, what an arse!:icon_biggrin:
The guy above, is to me, as Mr Miyage is to Daniel San, and taught me both. And I have to say I prefer InDesign purely for its Adobe friendly interface. Although the Quark logo looks better in the dock than the purple square when bouncing next to eachother, pretty sure I've seen it jump slightly higher too, but that might've been the effects of a caffeine overdose, he taught me about those too. Dangerous man.
I used to use Quark, back in the day for projects before I went to Uni,

But since I have set up Principal Design I have been InDesign all the way, it just makes sense to have all your software working as one.... Keeping it in the family ;-)

I sold my soul to Adobe years ago..... :-S
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I've always hated Quark and it's ability to never quite be as good as InDesign.

Unfortunately however, the 2 main jobs I've had have both been Quark users.

I've always had to get my Adobe kicks from my freelance work. Still, that's better than nothing :)

I believe Quark is still the editorial design tool of choice. Indesign has taken the corporate and institutional publishing market, because its work flow is better and, frankly, because it's easier to use. It lacks Quark's flexibility, though, and publishers still expect Quark.

At least that's what my wife tells me and she is, of course, always right, except when I'm wrong.