Purlease critique my personal logo - be harsh as you like!


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Hi there,

I have decided to use my initials ELK and play on the idea of an elk as I thought it would perhaps be memorable. Would appreciate your thoughts. Don't want to get a load of business cards printed and discover that nobody likes it! Am also wondering if the idea of using elk horns is a bit misleading for a design logo!


I don't think it's too bad to be honest. A designer's logo doesn't have to be 'designy'.

I'd switch the antlers to solid shapes rather than an outline though and maybe play around with the placement of the type (below the antlers).

How does it look black on a white background?
Many thanks Paul for your reply. Please see below other examples I have played around with. I am still not sure if it's ok to go with elk theme as I am not a hunting equipment retailer on the side! Here goes, really appreciate your feedback!




Not sure why the last one is blue...

I also had a go playing around with serifs but they look a bit 'biohazardy'

Have you played round with using the silhouette of an elk at all? Might be able to do something clever with that and make the logo a little more compact?
hi dave,

thanks very much for your reply. just having a play around on paper at the moment. am playing around with the idea of using the 'k' as the antlers and trying to do something typographic.... i do like silhouettes so will definitely try to develop this idea. much appreciated thank you!
The original fonts look fine, maybe choose a similar one with an x-height that's not as high though, the letters in ELK look out of proportion (unless that's the effect you feel represents you best!)

Similar to Paul, I would say solid shapes or maybe even go for something slightly more geometric and simple in structure? Might have more impact!
I would agree with trying to develop it into something more compact. I like it though! Its a shame your company name didnt have an M in it!! :)
Hi there,

Many thanks for your feedback. I have gone back to the sketch pad and have developed a couple of ideas. Please have a look and let me know what you think. Much appreciated! Yes an M would have been rather handy Squevasquidge!!!



I don't feel that either of those typefaces go with the antlers.

The sharpness of the modern lines are to contrasting from the almost script like illustration.
If I was going to try and combine the antlers with the type like you have there, I'd draw the type by hand. It makes it much easier to merge the two and you'll be adding a little of your personality into the design.

I kinda feel bad critiqueing(?) someone for my first post but...

Have you considered perhaps using the words ELK Designs to represent the Elk's head? You could scale the letters in proportion to the antlers on a real elk, drop it below the antlers and add a couple of ears to it. Would avoid having too much emphasis on the antlers and not enough on the name which is I think one of the main issues you have in these images. I think you would need to play around with the font to make it work properly but it's an idea...

Also in terms of colour etc I think it would look really good in black on white with a almost washed out/broken up look to it. Make it look a bit used and less crisp.

You're lucky to have a name to play with so effectively though! Good Luck! :)