.psd cannot be edited??


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I try to help my brother with images for his science article. First he just inserted images to .docx document(MS Office Word) but the publisher rejected it because:
"None of the figures can be edited. We need
to be able to edit lines, arrowheads, and fonts to match the journal’s
style. Each figure should be a separate ps, eps, fig, ai, Visio, wmf,
emf, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, opj, cdr, or PDF file which can be edited.
Please note that jpg, bmp, png, and tif files cannot be edited by

So i made .psd files and 2 of 3 was accepted and 1 rejected. Here is one of them(unable to insert .psd here, so its screenshot only) which was rejected. The publisher says: "
Figure 1 still cannot be edited. The figures need to be in their original formats so that we can edit them and proceed with the publication process.". What do they mean? What's wrong with this .psd file?

Maarten de Haas

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Hard to tell without the PSD to view. According to your screenshot it looks like you didn't rasterized the texts so left them editable, which is probably what they want. Not sure what they could miss still. Did you send the fonts with the document?

It could be they need all elements, like the lines, to still be vectors, so not renderered to pixels and so still editable. But I assume if that's really what they would be after they could've better asked for an illustrator (vector) file instead?

Did you ask them how they want you to deliver the PSD and what's wrong with it?