Product design in Marvelous Designer


Hey everyone,
I have been doing a lot of things so far in the creative field and recently i got attracted towards the fashion design field (;););)As i always get attracted towards different fields)
So i decided to head towards the Marvelous Designer i am using the MD7 version of it.I have done 3d things before and have experience of the basic concepts of it as well as being a game artist i know about the things that i need to know to make cloths.
People will say why use Marvelous Designer. So here is why i choosed it
I am a game artist so it is pretty much needed in the advanced today worlds games like GTA 5 that the clothes should behave according to the physics and not just lay down like a texture.
And also it is good in presention of the product or cloth.
I have made something in it.Sorry for the bad quality cuase it cannot rendered it cuase i am alone and have no other pc.You can imagine it with eyes of a 3d artist:rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes:;);)


Here it is not fully complete and i will be posting more images,I wanna know your thoughts on it.@scotty you also bro;);)
And the thing that i am liking about marvelous designer is that i can make any type of 3d model wear it without problem like male,female etc.
Hope you share your thoughts and the images are of bad quality and fiber of the cloth is very high quality and it looks awesome but i cannot render it so sorry and also for sorry for so many grammer mistaKESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS:p:p:p:p:p