Problems with logo design - Help needed


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I'm having problems converting my image in vector format to a .PSD file

My image in vector format is made through inkscape in .SVG format.

Can anyone tell me how to convert from .SVG > .JPG > .PSD?

or a better method.
If you're exporting it as a JPG then you're losing the layers and ability to edit the file. Can you select everything in Inkscape then copy and paste it into Photoshop? Alternatively you could export it as a transparent PNG from Inkscape and open that in PS, though you won't be able to scale it without it pixelating.
There is no good way. It rasterises everything.

Best to export the layer by layer(if there are layers in inkscape) as .ai if it's allowed, or .pdf if allowed, or bottom line would be .eps

You then use File>Place to place the .ai/.pdf/.eps as a smart object in Photoshop.

This would allow you to scale the object within photoshop.

But, caveat, all smart objects will output at the resolution set in the Photoshop image size, when first create a new document.

If this will be for commercial printing - then working at actual dimension size at 1200 ppi is advisable, 600 ppi would probably do it though.