Problem with form fields in Acrobat


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I recently supplied a set of application forms to a letting agent which I set up in InDesign and then set up in Acrobat using the form fields. Was a bit of a novice in setting these things up but after reading all the "how tos" I got there in the end and it was fine.

The client has now said that some of the forms they get sent back after being filled out don't show the text entered on screen unless you click individually into each of the boxes and they don't print out either. I've taken a look at a sample they sent and I can't work out how to overcome this.

I've checked the "Appearance" setting for all the fields and made sure they are set to "visible" but still get the same problem.

Can anyone offer any advice on how to solve this?



Andy Peat Design: Magazine Design Specialist
Are the boxes that you have created big enough to display the text, if I recall you can drag and enlarge the boxes, maybe try enlarging them a bit. Is it possible that they are too small and therefore not displaying the text...

...I am by no means an expert with acrobat so just a thought :icon_dunno: