Problem with apostrophe in enStep Inc fonts!


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I have a set of fonts on my system but cant remember where i got them from or which program they came from, but the apostrophe is coming out like an "i" but with the dot as the apostrophe!, or as an oblong.
I have downloaded 2 of the fonts by them from Urban Fonts (Matter of Fact & Radagund) but it is also happening with these fonts too.
It is happening wth all enStep Inc fonts i have on my system, whichever program i use them in, yet all other fonts are fine, so i presume it is the font and not my system or programs! (Word and Serif Page Plus)

I have checked them in Printers Apprentice and they seem ok in there, which is where i got details of the authors.
Can anyone give an idea of what is happening? I thought the fonts on the system may have got corrupted but for it to happen to 2 newly downloaded fonts seems strange.

Thankyou for your help,

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