Printing on enamel, HELP!


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I do watch repairs & often have enamel dials that need the name re-printing. Is there a machine that i could purchase to do this myself, or, alternatively is there someone who could offer this service.

At the moment i am sending these dials to a guy in South America & the last few have not been finished to a good standard. Any help or suggestions on who i might contact would be gratefully received.


Hmm i'm not an expert on this but i think screenprinting will be what you're looking for.

Where are you based and what size are these dials? =] I may be able to help.
printing on enamel

Thank you for your reply.I am in St.Albans in Hertfordshire & the average size of each dial is approx 42mm,but some are slightly smaller.The lettering used on most of the dials are approx 1.5mm high & i only require printing in one colour (black).I am more than happy to send you a few blank dials,if you want to do some test prints to see how they come out. Cheers.

Another option might be to print onto waterslide media.

Heck back in the day I remember a friend redoing Grandfather clocks with Letraset. You don't want to know what he did to age the dials.