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I am reaching out in hope of some printing advice! I have literally run out of options! I am trying to create (normal standard size) wedding postcards that I have been commissioned to make by a friend for her upcoming wedding. I am a graphic designer myself and I have always printed with an outside printing company to create my prints.

Unfortunately the printing company I have used forever does not print to this requirement so I spent the best part of three hours searching the Internet for a supplier. I found nothing.

My friend wants these postcards to be printed on 350gsm paper and I am TRYING to find an external printing company that will print these postcards for me but I have had no luck, I have even been to local printers in my city and they cannot do it. The issue I am having is that my friend is only inviting 25 people to her wedding in December so most companies want you to buy like 50 postcards which, I don't need to do.

I got know where so I thought you know, I would invest in a better printer that can print better and take thicker paper but it turns out that its pretty tough to try and print using thick paper. And also I don't want to go and buy a £200+ printer for me to only use it a handful of times.

I would be super appreciative if you guys could tell me an online printing company that prints individual 350gsm postcards in the UK ! Ideally, I'm not really wanting to pay much more than £1.50 per postcard. My friend is on a budget and I'm just trying to help her out. I would love some ideas or suggestions.

Thanks so much in advance.

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Most digital printers will take a 350gsm stock, have you been to a local printer or copy shop and asked? It will be cheaper than trying to source online due to postage.


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Do you really need 350gsm?

I recently did some order of service cards for a funeral and I used some 250gsm card which I just printed in house (same reason's, only allowed 30 people) using an mx925 canon printer (with 'prevent paper abrasion' turned on) and it worked fine, obviously not quite up to professional printer standards but more than good enough for the intended use. So don't rule out using your own printer (what is it?) just yet.

Other than that, as much as I'd hate to suggest someone other than stationery direct, maybe moo, they do postcard sizes which would fit in your budget (25 pack minimum).
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I've tried quite a few online printers and I generally find Solopress to be the best. Obviously, they're only really suitable for standard sizes and for colours that reproduce well in CMYK but their turnaround is quick and I've always found the quality to be good. I've only ever had one problem with a job and they replaced the whole print run free of charge.

You can get 25 x A6 postcards printed on 350gsm silk for £22 with next day delivery. Unless a job is urgent I usually use the 5-day service which is slightly cheaper and usually turns up in 2 or 3 days. You can even go up to 400gsm or choose a 380mic pulp for an uncoated finish.