Printing 1/4 of A4 format.


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Warm greetings to everyone.

I dont do printing that often so sometimes i forget some things of the process.

I was asked to do a flyer (both sides) which is 1/4 the size of A4 (that’s A6?)
So lets say i do design two separate pages of which one is front and one is back. Thats it? The printer then just fits those 4 parts on the A4, prints straight from there and then just cuts it in 4 pieces with knife. That simple right?

I know its basics but just want to be sure whether there is some other step i should take before sending the file to print.

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Hi Mouser

Yes it is A6.

You don't really need to worry what the printer does, that's his job to plan it up.

You should contact your chosen printer to see what their file requirements are exactly.