Printer Required for Holographic Print?

Tony Hardy

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Hey everyone,

I need a printer that can print a quantity of CD covers for me that include a holofoil/holographic print?

This is what the client said directly;

"We're looking at something like this for our album artwork:

We're wanting it to look like a planet/meteor that is molten inside and has electricity flicking around it etc.

The holographic element would be the electricity moving/dancing when you move it."

And then this is the image he linked me too;

Can anyone suggest any print solutions and provide quotes for 100, 250, 500 and 1000 units?

If anyone needs more details just get in touch, I appreciate I've probably left out a lot.


I'd ring up Celloglas or API foils and ask for their holofoil samples. You don't really want the wild patterns, just the more rippled, irridescent options. There are some nice ones.

Then you have the option of stamping the specific areas or creating the whole CD cover from the holographic material and then printing over /masking areas of it to create the inner glow - it's going to be costly for those tiny quantities! Not sure if ALL holofoils are available as stock board materials either?
I'd say that stamping the area will probably not have enough definition due to the nature of the tool and that the print route will have the subtleties they're after.

You may be able to find a regular irridescent silver/pearl paper/board material that could give a little of what they're after and then use ink and a UV varnish to create the effect.

(I'm not a printer!)