Printed Portfolios for interviews


Hi guys!

It's been awhile since I last posted here. I got really good advice about pdf portfolios to send to employers
last time but this time I'm wondering about showing printed work in interviews. I just finished an internship
(as a jnr. creative) & now I am a drift again looking for the nxt opportunity to come around.

I was wondering when it comes to showing a printed version of your portfolio & talking about it to an employer
whether each piece of work should show what the development & thought process went behind coming up with
the final piece. I think it would be a good thing because the employer can see how you wrk & also it would be
easier for the candidate to have visual prompts especially for a visual position, right? On the other hand each
project could be a number of pages long (too long?).

So, book interviews should the printed portfolio just show off the finished pieces of work or would it be useful
for potential employers to see a few pages on how you got to the final outcome.

Any advice on this subject would be much appreciated. Thanks for reading! :)
Everyone I've spoken to has said they like to see a thought process, rather than just a finished piece. Include a few scamps, sketches or wireframes to show how you got to and thought about the final piece, especially if you're showing branding work. Some work may not require it, but creative directors tend want to see examples of thinking, not just nice-looking final outcomes.
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It depends on the piece of work. Obviously if you have fairly large portfolio then it wouldn't be appropriate to show how you got from point A to point B in every single piece (plus doing this could become too repetitive). So in that case show your thought process for every few bits of work or for your strongest pieces. It is definitely a good idea to show your thought process. I never did as my portfolio was large enough as it was and it forced me to have more to talk about in the interview. But for big projects or your more complex pieces of work then, absolutely yes.
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