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Hi there

I'm thinking about getting into print reselling and have come across a scheme run by a company called Print Partnerships. Has anyone heard of or had any experience of using them?

Never ever heard of them and I have been in the game for years.

I would never tie myself to just one printer (and this is coming from somebody that offers a Print Reseller Scheme). The companies that offer you the free website and domain and allow you to mark up their products are the ones to steer well clear of. If the quality goes down hill, the customer service becomes poor or the prices take a dramatic increase you are basically stuck with them...or leave with nothing, use a wide selection of printers and get your own domain and website developed if you are looking to sell online.

Hope that helps and good luck.
Thanks for the advice. I will take it on board.

I am looking to sell online. Any idea of developers who specialise in print websites?
Boss Hog's advice is spot on, take it on board and you'll be two rungs of the ladder higher already!

Website development - never heard of a specialist developer for print. I'd go from the general to the specific - find websites you like and which (vaguely) fit with your business model and approach the developers.

Best wishes

Selling print online is very difficult as more and more printers move online, trust me the "build a website and they will come" saying is faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar from the truth, personally to start off I would concentrate on your local market not online, try and win business from the customers still paying top price at Prontaprint etc, give them the same quality, service and save them some money and you could do well.

From our own print reseller scheme the people that do well are graphic designers as they don't have to rely just on the print income, it is more of a bolt on to their existing business. To start off and test the water a lot of them just created a section on their exisiting design website called print and listed some popular products, quantities and prices.
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Hi chaps,

If you are looking for a company to use for your print you should consider using us - We've got a service called ThePrintBiz where we give discounts for volume resellers.

We offer both litho and digital printing and also graphic design service too. We have a team of friendly people to help you and if you need any advice on reselling or print ready artwork issues give us a shout as we'll be more than happy to help.

Be wary of reseller schemes out there who provide you with websites as they will generally tie you into using them for their printing and you could end us spending time promoting your site and having to exclusively use them, meaning you actually pay more than you can from other suppliers.

Visit our website as we can offer fast turnaround for most products - even next day delivery for those jobs that your clients need asap.

If you require any information please feel free to contact me on 0191 580 2000 as I'll be more than happy to help or email [email protected].

Boss Hogg has got this right - just finished with a so called printing franchise and its left a bitter taste.
We have all our own digital kit and really only outsource press work.

The best way of doing this is to negotiate with a company with a press that has a bit of spare capacity ( which they nearly all do) and maybe have a few company's you work with closely. This way you offer good value to your customers and have a handle on the quality and delivery and you can make a fair living.

Don't go for the German option or you really will come unstuck with German/Uk weather, Ash clouds, Euro rates, Quality problems and really poor customer service.