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Hi, can anyone recommend a company that prints and frames your artwork based on vector or PDF artwork. All I can find is companies that cater to photo framing and require jpeg artwork and I'm not sure if large scale images / colours will print as well using jpeg format?

Thanks Nick

Stationery Direct

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Jpeg would be ok if that is what they are requesting, save the file at a decent resolution (450dpi) with no optimisation, this sort of thing will be printed on a digital or large format press and will be fine. I would look locally for someone to do this.


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Might depend if that vector work is lineart - if it is then I'd recommend 1200 DPI for lineart.

Nothing wrong with using a JPEG either, it's weird they ask for this - but in the end the RIP (Raster Image Processor) converts everything to raster anyway.
Except for vector work probably RIPs at 2400 DPI.

Advantage with Vector is that you can resize to virtually anysize you like. Then you can save it as a JPEG yourself.