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Hi there,

I am in my second year of a BA Graphic Design course, and i am currently preparing a presentation on my dissertation for next year.

I have been asked to include a comprehsive list of all intended primary research material to be analysed and discussed in my dissertation.
However i am unsure as to how i would go about this, my dissertation title is:

What contribution to graphic design and popular culture has the hippy subculture had, since the 1960's?

I think i know what primary research is, but i dont know what kind of research i could be doing.

Thank you for your time,

Interviewing people could help...I'm not sure who though. if you have any particular graphic artists in mind you could try and get an interview or send questions to be answered to them? What exactly do you mean by 'hippy subculture?' If you expand a bit it may be useful to give us some more ideas.

Primary research is where you yourself gather the research ie. by questioning people yourself etc. Secondary research is the research you use from books ie joe bloggs has done said research, written a book, and you use quotes and research from joe blogg's book to aid your arguments.

Thats a huge topic by the looks of things, could you narrow it down any to make it more specific at all?
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well, i'm using dick hebdiges model of recuperation as a guide to answering the question - (symbolic resistance, moral panic, ideological recuperation and commodity recuperation - ie the subculture is formed, (symbolic resistance - sex/drugs/dress/hairstyles/cultural habits/music) then there is moral panic (media create fear about a subculture by demonising them in articles and so on) then there is changes in law (ideological form) then the charactoristics of the subculture is reemerged back into mainstream consumer culture (commodity form- buy things in shops that relate to hippy culture, fashion, poster design)
Whilst using this model, i have to discuss and use visual examples of how this has effected graphic design (vietnam war posters, psychedelia, drugs- LSD)
Hope this helps!

Analysis of websites based on a criteria using a tutor agreed protocol.

You really need to study research methods - usually this is a subject prior to the dissertation (or similar). Talk to your tutor and agree a bluprint - and stick to it.