Pricing for fairtrade logo

Nat Dawn B

New Member
I'm a third year Graphic Design student undergoing my first big (paid) design job, the job is for a local world shop trading in fairtrade refreshments, clothes and gifts. I have gone through some logo ideas with the client and I have informed the client that I can't go any further for free. The client has now asked me to come up with a figure and she will let me know whether or not the buisiness can afford this.
My problem is that I know its a small personal buisiness and obviously due to the fairtrade side of things she won't be able to afford a high sum.
I would like to know has anyone faced a similar problem and if so how did they calculate the costs for the situation, but if anyone has any suggestions they would be much appreciated, thanks.
ps: Also I am to design swing labels, posters, website etc. with the newly designed logo, should I charge individually for each element or for the entire package?
I'd give a break-down - I say this because if she can only afford some of it, then at least you won't lose the business completely. If you offer it as 1 sum, then emphasise how much she is getting, that way the client is happy as they are getting their money's worth.
hard to give exact figures, but take into consideration your experience and the quality of work you produce.

Another idea is to work how long it will take you and come up with an hourly rate, but don't undersell yourself as it can hurt you later on when other customers expect it for the same low price. :icon_thumbup: