Pressure of Uni

Big McCann

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hi all

so this may seem like a quite daunting and depressing post. But lately ive been feeling quite down about some things and long story short i dont feel very positive or motivated lately. im in university studying graphic design in my first year right now and i love the course and the subject (ive been wanting to do it for this past 4 years full time) but this past while ive been thinking about my future within the industry and well i dont feel very hopeful.

have any of you went through these stages and any ways that you guys have overcome this mental battle?

thanks and happy pancake tuesday! lol
Alright mate,

It can be a tough time studying at uni. I studied Product Design. I loved it and the subject but I had many times where I was unsure if I had made the right choice or not. It can seem that others breeze through it and some really have to graft to achieve.
We all have strengths and weaknesses and should try not to judge ourself by others. I say this because that is what I did at uni.
I came from a college where my work was well received and it was almost like a big family. Then going to uni was a big shock as I saw some amazing designers that made me feel rather ordinary. I just had to remember I got into uni on my own merit and belonged there. Just like yourself.

What actually is it what has made you feel like this? What is it that sparked these feelings off? Everybody goes through these motions at some point. Maybe confide in a tutor?
Is there some particular reason why you're feeling this way? Is it the actual course, the tutors, the uni?

I felt exactly the same towards the end of my course. I was incredibly frustrated with how rigid everything felt, especially for a creative course, and I was worried I'd leave with a shit portfolio and zero job prospects. At a design show I asked a well-known designer who I recognised about this, saying that I was worried I wouldn't get a job because my work isn't professional enough. He basically said "studios won't expect you to be at a professional level, they'll be hiring you as a graduate…"

It's easy to be intimidated by the vast majority of great work and flashy portfolios online, but many of these people are at the top of their game. There's pro golfers who look up to the likes of Tiger Woods, whilst there's amateurs who'd give anything to be even half as good as the pros.
Stay strong, don't give up, it's all about you and your commitment will be valued!

I'll top up what's already been said, think of the long-run, most jobs require you to have a degree in the relevant discipline and that's just one of the initial eliminations before short-listed for an interview.

Studio Directors focus on active/trending work and your personality, they won't pull you down if you worked in a charity shop or part-time at Waitrose, however they really want to see confidence and passion in you.

Your final project or dissertation should reflect your design skills and 'meaning' (how you think / decide / approach a brief), and should also be portfolio worthy.

Just remember, there is always someone better than you but in the end, it's all about the idea!