Prefix: Worth implementing?


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I wondered what you lads and lasses think of implementing a prefix system to the forums.

It works like this:
You go to add a new thread. Where the 'Title:' box is now, it will be moved along slightly, and a drop down box will be next to it with a list of prefixes, such as 'Article', 'Discuss' & 'Question' etc.

These display like this [I hope you can see the link], in this case the Prefix is 'Funny' and the normal Title is 'The Finest'.

Funny The Finest - ShrimperZone.Com

It should be easy to add, as that link is also a vBulletin site.

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Good suggestion, the only things that puts me off would be...

1) Not having a prefix for every eventuality
2) The user choosing the wrong prefix (would drive me nuts, OCD and all that :icon_biggrin:)
3) Most importantly, not sure how vBSEO would work with this plugin

Thanks for the suggestion though, if you have any others just let me know. :icon_thumbup: