Practice Design Brief: Google Logo Banners you will never see


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I came up with an idea for a design brief (something that doesn't happen to me often) that I thought would be fun for anyone who wants to design but can't think of a topic, so I thought I'd share :icon_smile:


I'm sure everyone is farmiliar with the fancy logo designs that appear on the front on Google whenever the calendar day has any importance, there's one for almost every day on the calendar! With almost any day you could possibly think of already been done by the people at Google, if you wanted to do your own design, most likely the event you wanted to design for has already been done at least once.

Unless you create a design based on a fictional holiday that is!

Your challenge is to design the logo for a fictional holiday, it could originate from anywhere; movies, sci-fi, tv shows, books etc. Here are a few as an example:

Gazpacho Soup Day (Red Dwarf, 25th November)
Star Wars Day (May 4th (get it?))
Hogswatch (Terry Pratchett Discworld books)
Captain Picard Day (Star Trek)

Have fun!