Practice Design Brief: Electric Car Company Logo


Staff member
Company Name

All the Horse Power You Need (to be used with and without the logo)

What the company does
Build electric cars in Britain to be sold worldwide. All furnishings and outer body created from recycled materials and engines built in Britain. Using solar panels, wind and kinetic energy as sources of power in all cars.

Word to describe qualities of company
Forward-thinking, modern, renewable energy, eco-friendly.

Nissan, Ford, Renault (major car manufacturers)

Look and feel of logo

Logos the client likes
konstructive by danlav
Mandarin Logo by moccadesign
Oh Deer by Goran
NZ by danlav
HATUA by palowski

Target audience
low-high earners, young, male and female

Colour preferences
Simple, elegant, approachable

Logo use
Website, business cards, sales clothing, promotional material, most importantly on every car that is made

Good luck

P.S. Please ensure you apply appropriate sources to any materials you may use in your designs