Posting a sample of text or graphics.

J. Hallo

New Member
I would like to know how one can post a sample of text for font identification, or of graphics for criticism, here on the site. If one has a sample in mind which he wants to appear in his posting, and which is in the form of a .pdf file, for example, can he simply use the "attach files" button below to attach it to his posting, and thus have it appear?
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I think the PDF may appear as a small, attached file (attach files button below) that you need to click to expand but it's been a while so not sure.

Just give it a try or just convert it to a .jpg and you can use the "attach image" button (above) and it will appear in your post but you have to select full size and not thumbnail.


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Yeah we don't generally like pdf files from 'new members' purely because pdf can hold hidden scripts etc for malware etc and usually end up being deleted.

Sticking up a jpeg is much better.