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Just wondering if anyone has any ideas regarding a printed portfolio for taking to interviews. I am moving to London very soon so will be applying for lots of jobs, but at the minute my portfolio is a very basic black A3, something like http://www.artyfect.com/images/cache/artyfect-eaf4ecd1b22999038fa998280b49bf0f.jpg that. With my work mounted on neutral coloured card.

To me it just seems kind of bland and bulky and I was wondering how you guys prefer to present your work and if you have any suggestions to make it more physically appealing?


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Most of the people I know at uni have these box portoflios.

Silverprint – Box Portfolios

Frankly, I hate them. I find them boring and bulky (as you suggested), not to mention the price! Also, they feature work in horrible plastic sleeves. Personally I like the idea of being bale to feel paper stock, even if it means reprinting work before each interview.

I'm actually working on actually creating my own portfolio by hand, so that it hopefully has character and is effectively another portfolio piece in itself.

I do like the look of these wooden ones though, but they're pretty pricy: Pina Zangaro – Bamboo Presentation Books
I actually really like the portfolio boxes; being able to have your work loose inside in plastic sleeves (nice smooth photo archival ones that protect your work from light and sweaty fingers, not the crappy dimpled ones that you get in most offices) is good at an interview where you are being seen by more than one person. They also make it really easy for you to adjust your portfolio depending on the company you are seeing by simply removing/adding pieces.

Yes, they are bulky, and I have found mine is a bit of a pain to store when pushed for space that you're sharing with other people - trust no one to treat it right!

I have seen people use ipads to show their portfolio in interviews but personally I think this is only good for certain roles - if the role you are going for is mainly print, it doesn't fit in well.

I like Paul's idea of doing something completely original, handmade and personal though. That I would explore.
Pretty much all the 3rd years at my uni (including a lot of us this year in first year) use the portfolio boxes posted by Paul, but slightly nicer ones that don't require sleeves. I quite like them, they make the process od going through work pretty pleasant, which as far as I'm concerned is the purpose of a portfolio.

Next year though I'll be using this: SECOL PRINT BOX A/3 x 60mm 1 - dirt cheap and just different enough without overshadowing the work. I love it!

^two of the more stand-out portfolios my friends made this year, along the line of Paul's 'make your own'
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This is mine Display Books - London Graphic Centre - Leather Portfolio Its good to carry and is weather prrofish, not heavy rain for hours though. And these gus are great for special print get there sample pack and choose carefully so you can explain in detail why you did in interviews :) Digital Photo Printing | Photo Prints | Theprintspace.co.uk I try to avoid any spray mount usage in my portfolio because it just wont last you want people to feel free to take things out or handle them, more so if it's print based. Good luck :)