Needs padding on the text boxes & looks a little bit like you are designing yourself into a corner too much for web. One of the first rules of designing a web layout is 'leave your text areas with room to expand'.
Not keen on the background used for the main text in the About, Services and Contact Me area, the blotchiness doesn't seem right.

I'd also lose the drop shadow on the main body text and, as Corrosive says, bring them in from the edge of the box.

If you can find something to put inside the picture preview, even for the sake of a mock up, I think that would help too.


A good rule to remember is don't Skew or stretch images..

If your designing a website you need to use a grid/column system.. Basically means keep things lined up and uniform/ symetrical.

Also, don't leave your text hyphenated, some times it takes a wee bit of playing around with your text to get it to look right, but it's worth it :) Also, try stay away from centered text.

(Padding for text in a box is usually 5mm)