Portfolio size and tips


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Hi all, apologies if this is in the wrong section I’m new here.

I have a job interview very soon, I wasn’t expecting to land this at all and have been out of the game a while despite having graduated some years ago. I also have a lot to learn (degree lacking in software training) alas they must have liked something about me. I emailed over what work i had available with my application.

Should I take a printed copy of what has been sent already with me on the day? Should this be A4 or A3- I can get a ring bound A4 booklet made quickly, would this be sufficient? If A3 I’d have to put prints in plastic sleeves. Sadly I don’t have an iPad. I’ve not been asked to take any work but didn’t want to go empty handed if it’s likely to be expected. Thank you :)
No harm in going prepared with your portfolio, and I'd go A4 personally, but I suspect this is more of a 'meet the person' type interview than showing your work.